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Electric Boiler with instantaneous water heater integrated
Model 120 U.S. Gal. Ranging from 15 to 30KW - 240VAC and 18 to 30KW - 600VAC

The new COMBOMAX is an unique product which includes domestic hot water production and a hydronic hot water heating system in the same unit.

The COMBOMAX is an ideal product for residential applications, such as :

  • Single family homes
  • Condominiums
  • Multi-unit housings

The time and cost to install a COMBOMAX system is 50% less than that required to install separate domestic hot water and hydronic hot water heating sytems.

The COMBOMAX series can be connected in a Bi-Energy installation, which allows the customer to benefit from advantageous energy rates for domestic hot water production and hydronic hot water heating.

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