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Instomax MC

Instantaneous Water Heater

The INSTOMAX water heater is a unique product having the possibility to heat your domestic hot water in seconds each time you need it.

Potable water which flows inside the copper coils heat exchanger is surrounded by the liquid contained in the tank. The energy stored in the tank fluid heated by the electric elements is transferred to the domestic hot water during its path inside the exchanger.

The instantaneous heating of domestic water avoids bacterial growth (see attached video on water quality) while the tank is used to store the energy required to satisfy large domestic hot water demands.

The unit has a registered patent for the US and Canadian market.

Available from 4.5kW to 12kW (other models available up to 30kW), they can provide more domestic hot water than regular 3 or 4.5kW electric water heaters.

They are covered with a 15 year warranty on the tank and heat exchanger and have a life expectancy of more than 30years.

The installation is simplified by the factory-mounted accessories.

US & Canadian patented technology

15 Years Limited Warranty on the Tank and the Heat Exchanger

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