Performance et confort combinés

Hot water and hot air.
In perfect synergy.

See other great reasons why you should choose the VenTum and its new front electronic controller. For more details, see the documentation below.

Hydronic air handler Gentle and comfortable precision

Perfect for a single family home or light commercial building, the Thermo 2000 VenTum hydronic air handler conditions the air in a new or existing centralized system with great precision, in any season. This is the ideal solution for heating during the colder months of the year in conjunction with a boiler or a water heater. It can also cool with a heat pump or air conditioning system during the summer, and is quiet, durable, safe and efficient at low temperatures. It comes equipped with a front electronic controller, and is easy to install and configure in addition to being easy and accurate to operate, providing real-time information for more comfortable temperature adjustments. The VenTum comes with a 2-year warranty on its electronic and mechanical components.

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