Thermo 2000 welder taking a pose with an indirect water heater
Copper coils used in Thermo 2000's indirect water heaters
A Thermo 2000 welder working on an indirect water heater

A unique know-how in the industry.

A unique know-how in the industry.


Thermo 2000 has been designing and manufacturing heating equipment for domestic and hydronic systems for over 40 years for residential, commercial and institutional applications. We have a renowned expertise in North America for our full range of innovative products that have become industry benchmarks and are available through a large network of distributors.

Ingenuity, energy performance and quality for more than 40 years.

Innovation Patents that prove our credibility.

Over the years, Thermo 2000 has developed many innovations—many of which are now the subject of coveted patents. These innovations are the tangible result of our ingenuity in combining reliability, performance, energy-savings and durability.

Quality control We never compromise on performance and quality

All of our processes and products adhere to very strict standards. For Thermo 2000, rigor is a constant. We check, cross-check, carry out compliance testing, and document processes to ensure maximum reliability, performance and security. It is this rigor that has enabled us to adhere to the ASME manufacturing norms for several of our products.

Performance Energy is our energy.

For more than 40 years, energy performance has fascinated us. We focus our efforts and knowledge on always optimizing the relationship between the energy produced and the energy consumed. Thanks to this relentless obsession, we are an industry leader. From constant innovation to continuous improvement, Thermo 2000 is your heating specialist.