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Reassuring performance across the board.


Our domestic hot water and hydronic solutions are used in multiple large-scale commercial, multi-residential and institutional projects. This is tangible proof of our technical expertise and ability to meet your energy performance requirements.

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Compact solutions that offer unprecedented reliability and energy efficiency.

Technical advice We speak the same language.

Yes, we master the design and manufacture of high-performance domestic hot water and hydronic systems. Our technical team, also highly knowledgeable in construction standards, is on hand to help you every step of the way. We understand that reliability is crucial to you. Our team of engineers is always available to answer all your questions, including selecting your equipment and confirming the full compliance of our systems.

Performance Control your energy costs.

We know that energy performance is a prerequisite for first-rate energy efficiency. Whether combined in an integrated system or implemented in independent systems, our domestic hot water and hydronic systems are the basis of a modern vision to improve energy efficiency. Our approach combines space savings, reliability and unmatched energy performance. Hydronic heating and instantaneous domestic hot water production are a logical and clearly profitable solution.

Products A true hot water heating system

Thermo 2000 offers a complete range of products, some of which adhere to ASME norms when required, which will meet your technical specifications: electric boilers, instantaneous indirect water heaters, buffer tanks and fan-coils. Without a doubt, our systems will become the foundation of your project.

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