Performance et confort combinés

Product performance. Business performance.


Our proven domestic hot water and hydronic systems and technical team make Thermo 2000 an essential partner for the growth of your business. Our high-performance, easy-to-install and reliable products will actively contribute to your growth.

Easy to install, our solutions have a proven track record for quality and reliability.

Installation Easy-to-install equipment.

Benefit from compact hot water heating and domestic hot water systems for superior efficiency. We offer simple and easy-to-understand guides and technical information. Technical training is available at all times on our products and for different types of installations. We also provide accessible and empathetic technical support. That’s what Thermo 2000 offers: easy, fast and hassle-free installation.

Quality Proven and recognized quality.

Our know-how has been recognized for more than 40 years. Our hot water heating solutions are selected by engineering firms across North America to be integrated in major projects. We also offer one of the most comprehensive warranties in the industry.

Products Clearly competitive products.

Forget your paradigms! With Thermo 2000, hot water heating and domestic hot water production quickly become a selling point. Innovative and compact products, unparalleled power and superior exchange capacity, real energy savings, unbeatable durability, improved comfort for your customers: Thermo 2000 is a real investment for you as a contractor and for your customers.

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