Performance et confort combinés

Performance and comfort. Combined.


Whether for a new residential project or renovation, Thermo 2000’s hot water heaters will surprise you with their extraordinary benefits. Thermo 2000’s electric hot water boiler acts as a central piece of equipment that can power your heated floors as well as your instantaneous indirect water heater. Comfort has never been so affordable and reliable.

Durable solutions for comfortable heat and water quality.

Instantaneous indirect water heater Sustainability. Water quality. Performance.

Unlike traditional water heaters, Thermo 2000's TurboMax water heater uses the principle of indirect and instant heating to produce domestic water on demand. No standing water. No corrosion. No maintenance. No accumulation of water in the tank. Only domestic hot water of exceptional quality. Not to mention peace of mind for more than 30 years and extraordinary energy savings.

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Heated flooring The comfort of warm water under your feet.

Everyone agrees: heating with hot water is comfortable and comforting. Your Thermo 2000 electric hot water boiler will give you the full performance that hydronic heating can provide. Comfort under your feet and total peace of mind.

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ComboMax Ultra An uncompromising combination.

ComboMax Ultra is an electric boiler and instantaneous water heater combined compatible with any hot water heating system. Its combined water heater system uses the stored heat transfer fluid to provide domestic hot water in less than 7 seconds. It's really that awesome.

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  • Quality of water

  • Turbomax

  • UltraSmart Controller