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Hot-water radiant flooring: The ultimate comfort!

Hot-water radiant flooring: The ultimate comfort!

Heated Flooring

It's a well-known fact: having radiant floors in your home means unparalleled heating and energy savings. If you are planning to change your main heating system or to equip your new home with heated floors, Thermo 2000 is without a doubt the right choice!

Warm feet. Warm all over.

What a pleasure it is to walk barefoot on heated floors! In addition to warming your feet, a radiant floor system controls the air temperature in a room and increases the average temperature of its surfaces. Users benefit from a comfortable room temperature and optimal well-being.

Considerable energy savings

First of all, it is good to know that heated floors do not affect the air pressure in the house. It avoids pushing the heat out of the rooms and it reduces heat loss through the roof. Thanks to the thermal radiation created by a radiant floor, the air temperature can be reduced by 2°F to 4°F (1°C to 2°C) for the same level of comfort as though you were heating with any other system, thereby reducing energy consumption.

Almost limitless possibilities

Each floor or room can be controlled individually according to your needs and budgets. Do you want to heat the master bedroom—but not the guest room or the solarium? All you have to do is ask! Moreover, all energy sources are compatible with the power supply of your radiant heating system.

Zero noise. Absolute tranquility.

Hot-water radiant flooring powered by a Thermo 2000 heating system operates silently. Unlike some traditional heating systems, no noise will affect your quality of life.

A concealed installation

The pipes of your hot-water radiant heating system are hidden under the floor and in the walls. Say yes to your dream decor and take advantage of the space you've saved!

Exceptional air quality

Are your children very sensitive to air quality? You will certainly appreciate your new hot-water radiant flooring! In fact, unlike central hot air systems, it reduces the movement of dust and airborne particles, such as pollen or smoke, inside the house. Moreover, no duct cleaning is required!

What are you waiting for?

Opt for the comfort of hot-water radiant flooring! Ask about the bth ULTRA family of electric boilers from Thermo 2000. They are ideal for heating your floors!