Performance et confort combinés

Great for your energy savings.

To learn more about the T2 UltraSmart® controller, view the video. Read our product documentation below to get more details on our AltSourceTM electric boiler.

Electric boiler The perfect complement to renewable energy

The AltSourceTM is the only high-volume electric boiler on the market. Impressive and unique! This combination boiler-storage tank for residential use serves as a back-up energy source to the primary system in order to maximize output. It generates significant energy savings. It takes up less space. It is very eco-friendly! Thanks to its T2 UltraSmart® controller, the boiler provides improved comfort through precise temperature control. Nearly maintenance-free, the AltSourceTM is robust and comes with a limited 15-year warranty on the reservoir as well as a 2-year warranty on electrical and mechanical parts.

Famille AltSource
Technical drawings