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Concentrated energy

VoltMax 400
VoltMax vue intérieur
Installation VoltMax 400
VoltMax 400
VoltMax vue intérieur
Installation VoltMax 400

To learn more about the VoltMax 180 and 400, make sure you read the informative documents below.

Electric boilers Increased temperature control. Increased power control.

Thermo 2000’s VoltMax 180 and 400 electric boilers have been designed to efficiently supply hydronic heating systems in commercial, institutional and industrial applications. These boilers can meet any needs thanks to voltages that vary from 22.5 kW to 180 kW for the VoltMax 180 or from 58 kW to 408 kW for the VoltMax 400. Both feature compact designs. Our VoltMax 180 is available in two compact sizes and our VoltMax 400 is available only in one dimension. They also require minimal clearance around the unit. Their easy-to-use electronic controller minimizes energy costs and optimizes the boiler’s performance. The VoltMax 180 electric boilers and VoltMax 400 offer accurate temperature control and efficient power control—all while being covered by a 10-year warranty on their reservoirs, and a 2-year warranty on electrical and mechanical parts.

Famille VoltMax 180 et VoltMax 400
  • VoltMax 180 flyer

    Voltmax 180 Flyer

  • VoltMax 180 specifications

    Voltmax 180 Specifications

  • VoltMax 180 manual

    Voltmax 180 Manual

  • VoltMax 400 flyer

    Voltmax 400 Flyer

  • VoltMax 400 spicifications

    Voltmax 400 Specifications

  • VoltMax 400 manuel

    Voltmax 400 Manual

Technical drawings
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